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Funny Halloween Costume Ideas from an NYC Designer

It might only be September, but all you need is a quick trip to your local drugstore to know that Halloween is basically already here. The costume pressure is on, ladies.

This year, we're really aiming to do something more creative with our costumes, and we want to help you do the same. We enlisted the help of Marissa Webb—Banana Republic's creative director and designer at her eponymous New York brand—who shared with us her frightfully good ideas for creative funny halloween costume ideas.

Keep scrolling to see what Webb has up her sleeve this Halloween season!
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    Really, any Johnny Depp character will do, like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I'm especially partial to Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Walt Disney
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    For those of you into the whole zombie-chic moment.
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Warner Brothers
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    A classic! 
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    Try someone like Charlize Theron's character from Mad Max, ​or Joan of Arc! 
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Warner Brothers
    Shop some of our favorite military-inspired pieces!
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    I love any character from Alice in Wonderland, ​but mostly I'm into the Mad Hatter.
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Walt Disney
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    This one's especially great if you already own a Chanel bag.
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Getty Images
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    Designer Halloween Costumes
    Such an '80s pop icon!
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    Designer-Approved Halloween Costumes
    PHOTO: Courtesy of Adam Ant
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5 Must-Have Products from MAC & Newest eBay Redemption Code 2015

MAC is one of those iconic brands that everyone even remotely interested in makeup knows about. They know that MAC's lipsticks are legendary, and that their makeup brushes are top-notch. However, there are so many products to choose from that it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best.
Over the last few years, I've tried out almost everything in their range, so I decided to put together a list of holy grail MAC products. Read on to learn what they are!
Pro Longwear Concealer
mac pro longwear concealer
Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft and Gentle"
mac soft and gentle highlighter
Lustre Lipstick in "Patisserie"
mac lustre patisserie lipstick
Face and Body Foundation
mac face and body foundation
Prep + Prime Highlighter in "Radiant Rose"
mac prep and prime highlighterThis is one of my favorite concealers ever, second only to NARS's Radiant Creamy Concealer. However, MAC's concealer is less expensive and I honestly believe this one lasts much longer than the NARS one. You're probably thinking, "Sarah, why is this second?" Well, it's only because NARS has a better color selection. 

This concealer lasts all day. It also offers super-high coverage, so if you have discoloration or dark circles under your eyes, pick up this product. It is one of those concealers that needs to be set, so make sure you have a good translucent powder on hand.
At first glance, you're probably thinking this is some weird product that looks pretty and does nothing. However, this is actually one of the best (and prettiest) highlighters you can buy. "Soft and Gentle" is a makeup blogger cult favorite, and though the high price tag made me reluctant to buy it, I'm glad I did.
I was so impressed by how perfect this highlight is; it's subtle, but just enough to add this ethereal shimmer to the high points of your face. It adds no other color to your face, contrary to how the product looks. Try this if you're looking for the ideal universal highlighter.
When it comes to lipstick, you really have to search to find the one that looks perfect on you. So, when I went into MAC looking for an everyday lipstickthat looks natural-- a "my lips but better" color-- the salesperson told me to give this one a shot. She told me it's a neutral that looks great on pretty much everyone. 
Well, she was right! This color, called "Patisserie," is perfect. It enhances my natural lip color and doesn't distract from the rest of my makeup. Many of my friends have tried this color and it looks flawless on them, too! Give this a shot if you need a go-to lip color.
When I first saw this "Face and Body" foundation, I thought it would be too thick or too opaque, but I was so wrong. This product is super-hydrating, easy to apply, and incredibly long-lasting. It has a light-to-medium coverage, and is easily buildable. It's meant to be applied in layers to cover any discoloration on your body.
It also works as a beautiful lightweight foundation. It doesn't look cakey at all, even with a powder on top! It has a dewy finish, but can easily be made matte with any powder. You can also layer it with your favorite concealer. When compared to most-high end foundations, the price point is actually pretty low, which makes me love it even more.
This is not a concealer by definition-- it's more like a highlighter/concealer hybrid. This product has many uses, but I use the shade "Radiant Rose" to highlight my under eyes and the bridge of my nose. It's sheer with subtle pink hue, which helps to cancel out any dark circles.
The highlight on this is very bright, and will give your face a nice glow. It'sslightly shimmery, but not in an obnoxious way. As mentioned, I apply this below my under eyes, along my temples, and down the bridge of my nose, then use a stippling motion to blend it.
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Halloween Costumes: 6 Halloween Makeup Ideas, Straight From The Runways

"Marcia Brady on acid," "'80s girls dressed up as '60s girls" — if these sound like Halloween costumesHalloween makeup ideas to you, think again: They're actually inspirations for some of the top designer shows last week. Backstage, hairstylists and makeup artists created graphic, over-the-top looks that we'd normally leave on the runways. But this year, we are adopting them for the 31st.

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Whether you like a spookier costume or something girlier, there’s definitely something here for everyone. The best part? You can create most of them with just hair and makeup (no overpriced polyester required). Click through to be seriously inspired, and get ready to be the most high-fashion guest at your Halloween party.

Demented Marcia Brady 

That's right, the look at Ammerman Schlösberg was inspired by "Marcia Brady taking a lot of acid on Halloween." (We couldn't make this stuff up.) To recreate it, sweep lime-colored eyeshadow (try ColourPop's Sour) from your lashline to your browbone. Then, rim your undereyes with a heavy coat of purple eyeliner (like Stila's Smudge Stick in Violet).

You're not done yet. To mimic the post-cry effect, dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and smudge the purple eyeliner under your eyes and down your cheeks. (Gold star if you add tears with eye drops.) Since looking disheveled is your end game, it won't matter if your makeup smudges or fades throughout the night. 

Flower Power

Betsey Johnson's spring 2016 show celebrated her 50 years in fashion, and we especially love this psychedelic pit-stop. Simply grab a palette of multicolored face paint and draw a rainbow from the inner corners of your eyes to your temples, allowing plenty of time for each half-inch stripe to dry fully. If you don't have a floral dress, wear an all-black outfit and you're Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" prismatic album cover.

'60s Barbie 

Kabuki, the lead makeup artist at Jeremy Scott's spring 2016 show, was inspired by "East Village party girls of the '80s who love playing dress-up in '60s vintage." To achieve the wild liner shape, he hand-cut plastic eye stencils, filled them in with MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack, and set it with On the Hunt Superslick Liquid Eye Liner.

He paired the liner with neon-peach lips (a mixture of MAC's Lipmix in Orange, White, and Medium Nude) with this halloween makeup ideas. Once you've got the makeup look down, grab a voluminous blonde wig, tease it to oblivion, and get ready to turn some heads.

Halloween makeup ideas: The Anti-Contour

The effed-up contouring look at Hood by Air was a poignant commentary on our era's seeming obsession with surgery and self-alteration. Taken less seriously, it's the perfect costume if you love a pop culture reference, seeing as how contouring was everywhere this year.

Reach for a highlighting concealer that's a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone and haphazardly smear it all over your face. Then, sweep a cream contour shade (like the ones in Anastasia's Contour Cream Kit) on the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and sides of your nose. Fight off the urge to blend, blend, blend.

Good halloween costume ideas : Disco Queen

If there's one thing we can count on every season, it's that The Blonds will have a show-stopping beauty look — and this year was no exception. Kabuki set out to "[capture] the feeling of ancient Egypt set to a disco beat, by using lots of gold-on-gold tones and shimmers." 

To achieve this, Kabuki glued metallic-gold appliqués just below the lower lashlines. (Try striping tape or Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner in Diamond Gold for an easier DIY.) He finished with a layer of gold lipstick (we love Nyx's Wicked Lippie in Mischievous). Enjoy 20% - 90% OFF + FREE Shipping Every Day On Daily Deals at eBay. Items included: makeup, clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, electronics and more! Get Ebay Discounts

Funny halloween costume ideas: Runway Rabbit

It may look complicated, but black eyeliner, white face paint, two ribbons, and some wire from your local craft store are all you need to recreate this bizarre beauty look. Makeup artist Sil Bruinsma blended white MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation all over the face before sculpting the brows, eyes, and lips with MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline.

According to hairstylist Jimmy Paul, the hair was meant to make the girls "look like they're upside-down." Paul misted Bumble and bumble's Thickening Hairspray into the roots, teasing the hair as he worked. Then, he created two braided pigtails at the top of each model's head, stringing wire through each braid to make the hair stand up on its own. To put the finishing touches on the "school-girl hair" (which sure looks like bunny ears to us), Paul fastened the end of each braid with a hair elastic and a Thom Browne red-white-and-blue ribbon. 'Merica.

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