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Friday, February 26, 2016


With Christmas and New Years, some of you might be receiving clothing as gifts or splurging on a new wardrobe in order to fully embrace your personal style. Who wouldn’t want to start the new year in style? Not to be a buzz kill, but storing those clothes improperly can end up in stretched, worn fabrics – AKA damaged goods and costly replacements that aren’t exactly the most minimalistway to begin a year. Luckily just a few clever tricks can save the day (and your wallet), and you’ll wonder how you went so long without doing it this way.
The PROPER way to store clothes

The Proper Way to Store Your Clothes

Sweaters – There’s actually no right answer to the age old hang vs. fold debate, but if you hang, you run the risk of stretching the sweater or creasing the shoulders. You can avoid this by folding the sweater carefully into a rectangle with the front of the sweater facing out and the arms folded down the back (just like at the mall). Similarly, you can half-fold your sweater before hanging in order to use plastic or wooden hangers – but if there’s room in the dresser, might as well start there!
Blouses – Storing blouses in a drawer can lead to unwanted wrinkles, not to mention a frustrating time spent re-folding each time you pick one out of the stack. But who wants to keep plucking them off the floor after they slip off hangers, either? It might be tempting to solve the slipping-shirt dilemma by investing in some fabric covered hangers. Beware, those can cause those annoying little bumps in the shoulders, which are near impossible to get out without another wash. Instead, try padded or foam shirt hangers to do the trick.
Tank Tops – If you’ve got limited dresser space, you can hang tanks and camis and there are plenty of hangers that allow you to layer them up. However, to fully eliminate the risk of the shirt or straps stretching, storing these in a drawer is best. Simply fold like you would a sweater (without the long sleeve step) and stack.
Denim – Denim is surprisingly easy to store, as long as you care for it properly beforehand (read care instructions, don’t over wash, if it’s raw denim then break it in etc.). Once washed and dried, all you do is fold it at the inseam, then fold in thirds from there, starting from the bottom until you meet the waist. As long as you aren’t packing them too tightly in your drawer, you won’t have unwanted creases. Denim can also be hung, but it’s best to clip it to pant hangers and let hang full-length, than fold in half and encourage an unsightly crease.
Dry Cleaned Clothes – A lot of delicate fabrics are best handed to the dry cleaner to get them looking fresh. Because they often use flimsy wire hangers, it’s best to take them off the hanger upon return and store safely to a closet before stretching or creasing occurs. 
Double Up – I’ve covered this in my last closet organization post, but it never hurts to make the best use of space when it comes to clothing. To make room for delicate sweaters in those drawers, you can hang more tops if you layer two pieces to hanger when possible. With a little organization and good quality hangers, your closet will fit twice as much without looking overstuffed.
Shoes – When it comes to shoes, storage is more about what saves the most space and looks the most attractive. I think we’ve all battled our share of shoe organization mishaps at some point or another! Try a shoe rack, a shoe hanger or even neat rows on your closet floor, but whatever you do – don’t just throw them in a pile! That’s just begging for squished, misshapen shoes with stains and scuffs galore.
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How to Get eBay Redemption Code March 2016 and Save LOTS of Money!

You have to be very lucky to be one of the chosen few who receive an eBay coupon by email. These coupons are just like cash that you can use towards anything you buy on eBay - the only conditions being that you pay using PayPal, and that you are using eBay in the USA, Canada or the UK. 
There are two ways to get eBay coupons. 

1. Wait for that email. 

Of course, if you just wait, you'll be waiting for a long time. You have to do something to make yourself look like the kind of person eBay would want to tempt back with a coupon. If you open an account, buy a few medium-value things and then suddenly stop, the chances are you'll find yourself with some kind of special offer - but still, not always. 

2. Go Searching. 

The better way, of course, is to go and find the coupons that are out there on the web. This is quite hit-and-miss, as eBay doesn't always have an offer on, but when there's a valid code you can guarantee that it'll be everywhere within a few hours. Just type 'ebay coupon codes' into your favourite search engine (preferably Google), but be prepared to pick through some garbage. You might find you have better luck if you use a more obscure search engine, where people haven't taken the trouble to game the results. 

If going through search engines is too much for you, then just keep an eye out at any community forums you frequent, where someone might just post one. You probably have the best chances if you make a few friends on eBay's own forums at It can be fun and educational to chat to the regulars there too, so you really have nothing to lose. 

A coupon is basically a code, with some being quite long. All you need to do is pay with PayPal as usual for the item you want to use the coupon towards. After you choose PayPal as your payment method, you will notice a heading that says 'Coupons, Gift Certificates and eBay Anything Points'. Type the eBay coupon code, eBay redemption code march 2016 in here: they can be long, so you should use copy-and-paste to make sure you get it right. Just click 'Redeem', and it's good to go. 

Don't worry about causing problems for sellers by doing this, by the way - they have no way of even telling that you used a coupon, as eBay just pays them for the item as usual. Coupons are good for sellers as they attract more buyers to eBay, meaning that they get more bids on their auctions. After all, why would they object to getting more money without you actually having to pay it?

Friday, January 22, 2016

List of the latest eBay Coupon Codes in January 2016

List of the latest eBay Coupon Codes January 2016

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

eBay Redemption Code 2015 & The 10 Most Productive Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are the latest eBay Redemption Code 2015 & The 10 Most Productive Christmas Gift Ideas

Waterproof notepad $8

This awesome waterproof notepad will help your friend capture all of their awesome ideas that they come up with in the shower.
Get eBay Promo Code, eBay Discount Code, eBay Redemption Code 2015 and Save up to 50% OFF Home Clearance + FREE Shipping at eBay! Find lawn & garden, pool essentials, outdoor entertanings and more with discounted prices! Limited time only!

Simple Hacks

CableDrop cordlets $10

These things are genius, and I love them. After you mount a CableDrop to your desk, wall, or other flat surface, you can store your cables without having to worry about them falling to the floor every time you untether.

Lace anchors $10

Lace anchors eliminate bows and knots from the inside and outside of your shoes allowing you to simply slip your shoes on on every time. An ingenious buy for $10.

The Wally Bottle Opener $10

This simple yet elegant stainless steel bottle opener fits perfectly in a wallet or purse, until it’s go-time. At $10 it’s an awesome gift idea for any beer lover in your life.

Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock $6

Instead of keeping a spare key under your doormat like a chump, stash your key inside this authentic looking rock!

Obol $15

Who doesn’t hate soggy cereal? The “Obol” keeps your milk and cereal separate so your friends can focus and be productive without worrying about soggy breakfast cereal.

Pocket Cutlery Set $12

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.28.26 AM
Great for picnics, road trips, and hiking, this swiss army knife-like apparatus features a fork, knife, spoon, and bottle opener all in one compact device.

Flask tie $27

This stealthy tie holds up to 8oz of your favourite beverage to keep your favourite drink close whenever you need it.

USB drink cooler/warmer $19

This USB-powered, one-can/cup holder keeps a drink cool or warm for you. Everyone in your friend’s office will be jealous.

Freehands gloves $20

If your friend lives someplace cold, these clever gloves will let them use their smartphone in the winter. Each pair of gloves features a forefinger and thumb that folds back, allowing you quick access to your pointing devices.

Tech gifts

Photojojo iPhone and Android Lens Series from $20

These camera lenses attach directly onto your iPhone or Android device and will allow your friend to take way better pictures. Photojojo offers individual lenses (fisheye, super fisheye, telephoto, wide angle, macro, and polarizing), as well as lens kits which contain several lenses.

White noise generator $55

White noise has been proven to help you focus better. The long-named, Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner, produces a comfortable background sound that helps anyone be much more productive.

iTunes Gift Card / Google Play Card

As much as some friends love and use their phones, they often really hate buying apps. But your phone can make you way more productive–the Apple App store features tens of thousands of apps in the Productivity category alone! Gift cards are often a bit of a cop-out when it comes to buying a gift, but for some friends an app gift card is perfect.

Jawbone Mini Jambox $150

At $150 the The Jawbone Mini Jambox isn’t cheap, but for a music loving friend, it can’t be beat. In my opinion, this is the best sounding portable speaker that fits in your pocket.

Jawbone Up $129

The Jawbone Up, like the Nike Fuelband ($150) and the Fitbit Flex ($99), will track your friend’s sleeping routines, workout activity, and even eating habits with its build-in accelerometer, and will provide your friend with powerful data so they can improve their habits and become more productive.

Evernote pro subscription ($45)

If you have a friend that relies on Evernote to be productive, gifting them Evernote Premium will give them the tools they need to become way more productive. Evernote Premium features offline notebooks, much smarter searching (including inside of PDFs), enables collaboration, and will up the monthly upload capacity on your friend’s account.

Scansnap scanner $160

This portable scanner is the most expensive item on the list, but if you want to drop $160 bucks on a friend who deals with a lot of documents, I can’t imagine a better gift. This scanner automatically converts all scans to a PDF, includes auto-image correcting, is great for traveling, extracts the most important information from business cards, and a whole lot more.

Pivot power genius $30

Power strips can be annoying, but this is definitely not one of them. It pivots, zig-zags, and bends to fit around furniture and tight spaces and make make more room for your friend’s larger power adapters.

USB rechargable batteries $19

These AA-sized batteries will recharge from a USB port, and are perfect for traveling. They can be recharged hundreds of times, saving your friends time and money.

WeMo Insight power switch $60

It doesn’t look like much, but this item is my personal favorite out of all of the ones on the list. This wifi-enabled power switch connects to a Wifi network, allowing you to remotely turn devices on and off, and read how much energy a device is using in real time. You can even set up notifications, like for when your laundry is finished.

WeMo light switch $50

This wifi-enabled light switch will allow you to turn your lights on and off from across the room, across the city, or half-way around the world.

WeMo baby monitor $70

Made by the same company as the WeMo Insight and the WeMo Light Switch, this baby monitor connects to wifi and turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a portable baby monitor. The device can even send push notifications based on certain triggers.

Simple Braun alarm clock $50

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.36.41 AM
Technology can be needlessly complicated, but this alarm clock isn’t. It tells the time, has a nice back light and works as an alarm. It’s also won numerous design awards and, in my opinion, looks simply stunning.

8000 mAh Dual Port Battery Pack and Charger $36

For your friend who is always on their phone or tablet. This relatively inexpensive USB charger is the perfect gift for your friend who is always on the go, and always in need of more juice.

Wake up light $90

Alarm clocks are jarring, but this wake up light will wake your friend’s body up naturally and slowly. It’s been scientifically shown to make waking up more pleasant, and includes two natural wake-up sounds.

Bluetooth handset gloves $60

These gloves might look a bit dorky when in use, but they have a freaking bluetooth headset built in! They connect wirelessly to your phone, and let you talk on the phone when you expand your forefinger and pinky.

Coin $100

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.37.54 AM
Coin allows you (or your friend) to combine all of your cards into one easy-to-use, convenient card. It’s secure, and even locks when your phone is out of range.

Friday, November 6, 2015

8 iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks + Latest eBay Discount Code November 2015

Now that many of us rely on our smartphones the way we rely on oxygen and electricity, battery life has become a prime concern. While the iPhone isn't a major power hog, particularly in terms of standby time, there are still situations where your battery can drain too quickly. If you have trouble making it through the day without charging up, here's what you can do right now to boost your iPhone's battery life.
One caveat before you get started: Some of the tips below defeat features you may find important. The idea isn't to completely disable everything that makes the iPhone great. Instead, it's to start from a clean slate. This way, you can figure out exactly what has been draining your battery. Follow the tips in this article, and get iPhone battery life back up to where you can get several days of standby, or at least a full day of use out of the phone. Then, once you've established that, gradually turn back on a few of the features you need most.
If, after all is said and done, your iPhone battery is still draining very quickly, then it's likely your iPhone's battery is nearing the end of its useful life. To find out if that's the case, make an appointment with a nearby Apple Store Genius Bar; they'll be able to test it for you.
1. Turn off Background Refresh for apps you don't care about. This keeps the phone active and doing things in the background, including polling the data network, which reduces battery life. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and either turn it off globally, or deactivate it for certain apps as you see fit. When you return to the app, it may take a moment longer to bring you new information, but it otherwise shouldn't have any effect on how the app works.
Apple iPhone Battery Tips: Background App Refresh
2. Disable as many notifications as possible. I normally leave important ones (such as text and voicemail) intact, but for most apps, you probably don't need the phone waking up and displaying notifications all the time. Head to Settings > Notification Center, scroll down to Include and Do Not Include, tap a given category (Phone, Messages, Reminders) or app (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and choose as few notifications as possible. The fewer you enable, the more standby time you should see. While you're in there, note that you can change the way each one appears (Alert Style) and whether it shows on the lock screen, as well as disable it entirely.
Apple iPhone Battery Tips: Notification Center
3. Watch your signal strength indicator. If you spend a lot of time in areas with poor reception, your iPhone will continually search for a stronger signal. This drains the battery much faster. I've left my iPhone untouched on my desk, where there's a particularly poor signal, and watched the battery drain by almost half over the course of a workday. Short of switching off your phone, there's not much you can do about this one, but keep in mind that it could be your power-sucking culprit—and you can always put the phone in Airplane mode if you don't need the cellular network at that time.
4. Check for email manually. Push email is another perennial battery drain, albeit less so. Normally I set all accounts to receive updates manually (i.e. when I load the app), instead of at a set polling frequency or via "push." Head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data, toggle Push at the top to Off, and then set Fetch to Manually.
5. Turn off Location Services and Frequent Locations. This is a big one, as hitting the iPhone's GPS constantly can blaze through your battery. Head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to cap this behavior. You can tap the On/Off slider next to Location Services to turn all of them off, but you can also disable these services on an individual app basis below. Many apps don't need to know your whereabouts, especially in the background. Another one to be aware of is Frequent Locations, a relatively new feature that tracks where you are most often in order for apps to send you targeted ads; aside from being annoying, it also drains battery. From Location Services, scroll down to Frequent Locations and turn it off.
Apple iPhone Battery Tips: System Services
6. Check for software updates. Software updates will often contain fixes that enhance battery life. You can check for OS updates right from the phone, instead of using a USB cable and syncing with iTunes. Simply head to Settings > General > Software Update. 
7. The old power-saving standbys still help. You can still do all the basic, old-school things to improve battery life, such as reducing screen brightness, disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and so on. The one that helps most here, in my experience, is screen brightness, but you still need to crank it up to see the Retina Display in bright sunlight.
8. Consider a battery case or an add-on battery. Battery cases from Kensington, Mophie, and other manufacturers combine a hardware enclosure, which protects your phone, with an extended battery that can double your iPhone's endurance. They average about $70; one favorite is our Editors' Choice, the Unu DX Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5$32.18 at Amazon or, and we also like the Phonesuit Elite Battery Case$49.00 at Amazon andMophie Juice Pack Plus$47.99. Follow this eBay Discount Code  to save extra 10% OFF when you buy 2 or more iPhones 6!
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