Friday, April 17, 2015

8 Unique Twists on Classic Mother's Day Gifts

Americans spend approximately $20 billion on Mother's Day each year, making it the second most expensive holiday on the calendar behind the winter holiday season. While most of that money goes towards flowers (almost $2 billion) and cards (approximately $671 million), we’ve thought of a few unique ways to tell your mom you love her.

36% of Mother’s Day gifts are homemade, and you can’t go wrong with beads. Even if you’re not a kid, sit down at a table with mom and make something together. Not different enough for you? Well, let’s continue…

Ever wondered what Jupiter tastes like? Chocolates are a fairly common Mother's Day gift, but these celestial chocolates designed to look like each of the planets within our solar system are anything but ordinary. In fact, you might say they’re out of this world. 

A coffee mug is a good gift idea because it’s the kind of gift that people use the whole year. Therefore, this 22 oz. behemoth of a mug is a subtle year-round reminder of just who holds the power around the house. 

Flowers and...

Mother’s Day accounts for a quarter of all flowers sold for any given holiday, second only to Valentine's Day. The most popular and traditional flower for moms is pink (or red) carnations. And yes, you can order Mother’s Day flowers on eBay. 

...a Priceless Chinese Vase
Americans spend a staggering $1.9 billion on Mother’s Day flowers. With that kind of money, a rare 815-year-old Qingbai vase—at $2.7M—is just pocket change. What, you were gonna stick those flowers in a simple mason jar? 

Handmade Clothes
Socks are a pretty great gift when you don’t quite know what to get the other person. On one hand (well, foot, actually) socks are a little boring. On the other, everyone pretty much wears socks most days so they’re a very practical gift. Why not kick it up a notch and do something completely different like get her an industrial knitting machine? Mom will surely keep you—and the whole family, probably—in socks for a lifetime. She may even start her own sock company. All thanks to you. 

A Shared Experience
The bond between a mother and child is a very special thing. Much like the bond between two pieces of velcro. Why take mom to a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner—like approximately 34% of Americans do—when you can jump on a velcro wall together? It sure beats potentially awkward conversation over poached eggs and mimosas. 

A New Ride
We’ve all heard of helicopter parents: the kind that “hover” over their kids and monitor their every move. If you know a mom like that, why not get her a real helicopter this year? For a mere $279,000 you can show what it really means to be a helicopter parent.

Yes, some of these gift ideas are outlandish, but hopefully they gave you some good ideas. Do something a little different this year. Because while it may be nice to get a giant mug or even a helicopter, what really matters is that the gift comes from you. And remember: Breakfast in bed and a homemade card are perfect gifts, too, and they don’t have to cost a thing.

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To me, the perfect space is all about balance. I don’t like to have too many things in my living area that I won’t use. Of course, when it comes to my closet – things have the potential to get out of hand. I truly love and use most of what’s in there, but I don’t like it to feel overwhelmed. I covered closets a bit in my book, but when it comes to your living space, there is always more to learn. If a disorganized closet has led to more time spent unearthing the perfect outfit (say, from a heap of clothes on the floor?), it’s time for an intervention. Here’s how to do it.

4 Ways to Create an Organized Closet

Rotate Stock
This old trick for storing depending on the seasons works wonders for those with a small closet but a little space for tucking unused clothes away. If you’ve got no room on the rack but plenty under your bed, then get to pulling everything you don’t need for the next 4-6 months out. Simply swap the box and closet stash when September rolls around, and your closet won’t get cluttered with things you won’t wear.

Layer Up
I learned this awhile back and it is once again so helpful if you don’t have a lot of room! Double up the clothes on your hangers by pairing the things you’re likely to layer on in real outfits, like your fave blazers and blouses for interviews, tank tops with cardigans, and so on. In essence, this method allows you to have double the items on the hangers without the row of clothes expanding as far. Don’t complicate it too much though, or you’ll never stay consistent with this new system, and end up with more on the ground.

Utilize Overhead Space
It’s there for a reason! And the space underneath too. I like to keep long dresses to the side so I can actually keep things on the ground underneath the clothing rack in plain sight (remember, out of sight, out of mind). It’s the perfect spot for shoes, bigger bags, and your laundry hamper if need be. Overhead is a great spot for those items you don’t wear too much but don’t exactly fit in the “store away” categories, like sweaters and your lesser-worn pants, and of course shoes to display. It never hurts to have your prettiest pieces on display above so that you can easily find them, and bonus… they can double as decor.

Color Coordinate
Color coordinating may sound like more of a pain than it’s worth, but I can’t count how many hours this alone has saved me. I’m a very visual person and more often than not I am going for a certain vibe rather than an exact type of top or dress. So knowing right away whether I should gravitate toward bright colors, black, or neutrals, helps out a ton!

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