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Monday, June 1, 2015

Redemption Code for Ebay & Top 3 Gifts For Dads

1. Redemption Code for Ebay

Gifts For Dads now available for your choice at eBay! Select from tech, tools, watches and everything that DAD will love and save up to 60% OFF plus get FREE shipping at eBay! 

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2. Top 3 Gifts For Dads

- Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill

Now this is one kind of briefcase he’ll definitely want to receive this Father’s Day. The stainless steel design has a compact grill and a charcoal pit inside. Since it’s easy to tote around, it’d be perfect for a picnic for two. Or give it to an urban dad, who might not have a huge backyard or patio.

- Drink Rocks

These soapstone and marble shapes will create a sophisticated home bar. The geometric chillers go straight from freezer to highball glass, to keep libations cool (and looking good) without watering them down. Off duty, they double as swanky bar decor, no matter the design style of your space.

- Travel Poker Set

Your favorite poker enthusiast can now take game night on the go with this compact travel set, which comes with 25 playing chips and two decks of cards. With a sleek topstitched leather case, this find will definitely impress his playing buddies (and might just give him some luck for the next round).