Friday, April 11, 2014

Use Your EBay Discounts

It's really quite simple. 2014 brought a lot of hardship and unknown. People stopped spending money to see what was going to happen. Well people have to start spending again; Only they will be doing it differently. More people will be shopping online because that's where they will find the best deals and bargains. So I am here to tell you about eBay discounts.

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Coupon Code for eBay
Coupon Code for eBay
EBay discounts can be found all over the internet if you have the time and know how to search for them. That's where the problem comes into play. The suppliers of the codes make them difficult to find. Technically they are offering 1000s of dollars in savings but really don't want the codes used if at all possible.

Well that's where I come into play. I am an affiliate marketer so I spend a lot of time on the internet. I also know how to use search engines and keyword tools. So I am going to bat for you to find all the eBay discounts and make them available to anyone who wants to use them. It's very important that if you are searching out a code that you are prepared to use it. Each code only has so much value allocated to it and once that's used up the code will be useless.

I have no control over how many times the codes are used for great eBay discounts. I wish I did but unfortunately it just doesn't work that way. I work hard to search out the codes so that people can just grab them and use them. It's very important that if you are looking for eBay discounts that you use the codes as soon as you get them.

To get your eBay discounts it's as simple as grabbing the code for free from my site. Heading over to eBay to make your purchase and then applying the code. If the code is still active the savings will be applied upon checkout. In 2008 I helped hundreds of people save 1000s of dollars in eBay discounts by doing the work and research.

Now some of you may be asking why I do this for others. Well it's actually quite simple. I make quite a nice living working off the internet and I absolutely hate when the little guy gets shafted. It's all the little guys that help me make a living on the internet so by me dedicating a certain amount of my time to helping with eBay discounts is my way of saying thank you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do You Use EBay Discount Codes?

Well the title asks the question. Well my answer is yes I use eBay discount codes and I love the money I save with them. I know a lot of people reading this all of a sudden had their scam alerts come up but these codes are absolutely not scams and thanks to my great friend I actually use them quite often.

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Coupon Code for eBay
Coupon Code for eBay
Trust me when she introduced me to eBay discount codes I was very sceptical as well. Well I am here to tell you there is no more being sceptical. The proof is in the money many people are saving with these codes. It's actually quite simple. You get the code. Enter the code in at the time of purchase and then the discount is applied when you pay for the product.

The problem comes into play when trying to find the codes. After my friend gave me my first few eBay discount codes I wanted more so I figured a few searches and I would have as many as I wanted. Well the searches didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. The elusive codes were not really around to be found. I gave my friend a call and she agreed that they were hard to find.

She then told me she was working on something for the eBay discount codes and asked me to be patient with her. Well of course I would be patient if she was going to help me save more money. Weeks went by and I didn't hear from her until finally one day the phone rang and it was my friend. She gave me a code to use and told me it was worth 250 dollars. Well I did try it and low and behold the darn thing worked. I called her back and she told me another exciting story.

She knew the problem people were having finding eBay discount codes so she decided to do something to make things easier for everyone. She took it upon herself to do the work needed to find all the good places for all the best codes. I thought this was an amazing idea to help all the people who either didn't have the patience or time to go looking for the eBay discount codes.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Save With Your EBay Discount Codes

Well to be honest I'm not really sure about all this internet stuff. I know how to check my emails go to Facebook and buy stuff on EBay and now I'm writing some articles for my friend because of her great contribution to me. She introduced me to my first eBay discount code. That's right it's all about saving money.

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Coupon Code for eBay
Coupon Code for eBay
My friend knew I was an avid eBay purchaser so she called me up one day to tell me about an eBay discount code she found on the internet. Well I didn't know much about the internet so my ignorance had the warning signs of scam going at high speed. I decided to try it though and you can bet your pay raise I was utterly shocked when the darn thing worked. I just punched in a code at the time of purchase and the discount was automatically deducted from my total.

Well I wanted another EBay discount code so I called my friend up to tell her how exciting this was and that I wanted more codes. That's when she broke the news to me. She informed me that the codes were very difficult to find on the internet. She told me she had found a few sites but many of the codes were either outdated or just plain garbage. Well I was devastated. I thought you could get anything you wanted on the internet.

Well a few months went by and of course I was still buying off eBay when my friend called me up all excited about a new eBay discount code she had found. She told me that she had just saved 250 dollars on a purchase and immediately gave me the code. I tried it within minutes and sure as heck it worked for me as well. I called her back and told her she had to find more of these codes. What she told me was quite intriguing.

She has done all the homework for us people who don't have the time or patience to go out and find an eBay discount code. She told me something about keywords and search engines which I still have no clue about. But she said she had been spending endless hours finding sites with codes. She has now built a website for anyone to use. She works hard to keep it updated with fresh useful codes and gets rid of the ones that end up out dated or don't work. I frequently head over to her site now to find the codes I need. I'm telling you she has made things very easy for me and for anyone else that wants an eBay discount code.

Ebay Selling Tips - How To Find And Use Ebay And Paypal Coupons

Did you know EBay and Paypal have been giving away electronic discount coupons for some time and hundreds of users have been cashing in on them? Also called "redemption codes," these special savings opportunities are little known but can save you substantial sums. And since coupons can be used on any item from any seller that accepts PayPal, your selection is huge.

If you have received a coupon for eBay via email, you are one of the lucky and select few. eBay and PayPal seldom send coupon or gift certificate offers to all members, only to those who meet certain criteria.

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Coupon Code for eBay

For example, sometimes eBay will use electronic discount coupons to entice a member back to the site. This means that if you were a fairly active buyer on eBay and suddenly stopped buying, they may email you an offer of a discount on your next purchase. This kind of coupon is usually accompanied by your email address, which means it is only valid for you to use and will have an expiry date.

Sometimes EBay offers electronic discount coupons to a certain group of members. If they are experiencing low sales in a particular area, they may send the coupon codes to users who have previously purchased those items.

eBay also offers more general coupons. Even though they may originally be emailed to targeted members, the offers can be used by other buyers who met the stated criteria. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if it doesn't reference an email address, the coupon can be shared.

Paypal also offers occasional discount coupons by email for different promotional reasons. Sometimes they are for every user and, other times, they are for certain users, groups or areas. A recent promotion at Christmas time featured free shipping and discounts of $5 to $20 from selected online merchants. PayPal promotions are also run via electronic discount coupons and have expiry dates and conditions of use.

Where to Find eBay and PayPal Coupons

Coupons that can be used by others are often mentioned on eBay's chat forum, and in forums associated with other websites that announce bargains and deals. You can also find these types of coupons by doing a web search for "eBay coupon code" (or "Paypal coupon code"), but many such links are expired and some may be fraudulent, so be careful.

Restrictions on Using eBay and PayPal Coupons

The most important thing to remember is that you must find and buy an item that accepts PayPal and then pay with PayPal. You will only see the discount when using PayPal as payment. If you have a coupon code and plan to use it on an eBay purchase, it is your responsibility to verify before buying that the seller does accept PayPal. You are still obligated to pay the seller for the item even though you cannot use your eBay coupon or gift certificate.

Currently, coupons are only valid for items listed on,, and
Make sure that the email address on the coupon is associated with your PayPal account; if it isn't, add that email address to your PayPal account.

All eBay discount coupons have expiration dates.

How to Redeem

Generally, a digital discount coupon is a long code that you enter on the payment screen when you win an item. On PayPal there is a box labeled "Coupons, Gift Certificates and eBay Anything Points". This is where you enter the coupon code number. If validated, the discount will be automatically deducted from the balance due. If your coupon doesn't cover the total cost of the item, the remainder of the funds will be deducted from your PayPal account or the bank account associated with it.

The person selling the item has no indication that you have used a coupon (the savings come from eBay, not from the seller) and the sale goes proceeds as usual.

Given the fact that you can buy unique and highly desirable items on eBay at very attractive prices to begin with, the possibility of adding to your savings by using an eBay or PayPal coupon is not one to be missed. By making regular checks to see if there are any discounts currently available via eBay or Paypal, you can be one of the people taking advantage of these savings.