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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas gifts for tea lovers and eBay Coupon Codes for saving!

At festive times why not seek out the unusual gift for tea lovers

Why tea makes an ideal gift

In the UK, there are those who swear that they cannot start or end the day without a nice cup of tea. However, this is fast becoming the same around the world. The tea lover is not such a rare person. As a result, the market in gifts for tea lovers has continued to come up with increasingly novel and interesting ideas. Therefore, if you need a gift for a tea lover this Christmas, take a look at some of the special items on offer.

Tea gift sets and accessories

Most tea drinkers are very concerned about the quality of the crockery that their tea in made and delivered in. A number like to see it presented to them in a nice china tea set, with all the accoutrements, such as sugar and cakes presented in matching crockery. Therefore, that new special tea set would make an ideal gift fir the tea lover.

Naturally, it is also important the pot is kept warm, thus a tea cosy would be an important accessory. A wide range of these can be found at places like the online retailer at ies.html, who also sell a number of other items that would attract the tea lover, such as serving trays, kettles, caddies and infusers.

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Books about tea

Like most favourite beverages and foods, people often would like to know more about the blends they are drinking, including a little of the culture and history of tea drinking. One way to satisfy this thirst for knowledge is to buy them a book. There is too little space here to review every possible book, but three that might go down well could include the following.

1 - 'Tea: The drink that changed the World' by John Griffiths. For the historian who really wants to know all there is to know about tea and its origins, this is the book. It takes the reader from the very origins of the Tea itself over two millenniums ago right up until the present day.

2 'The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea' by Helen Simpson. Straight from the heart of one of London's most exclusive hotels, the Ritz, comes a book full of the pleasures of taking tea. Helen also goes to great lengths to explain in detail the real art behind tea drinking.

3 'The Tiger who came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. This book is especially for the children and tells the tale of Sophie and her wonderful but strange teatime guests. It will keep the child spellbound and encourage them to drink tea as well, which is good for them.

Tea Varieties

There are thousands of different varieties of teas throughout the world, from China to the US and all points in between. A great gift for the tea lover is o provide a gift of a selection of teas. It is important of course to have some idea that the personm it is intended for will like the contents. For example, there is a huge difference between ordinary teas and fruit teas. However, with that borne in mind, you could either give a selection of ordinary teas, such as Earl Grey, or the more exotic tea flavours, such as mint and fruits. Many of these options can be found at

Tea Art

Art has also found its way into the tea lover's gift range. For example, you can find a lot of prints or pictures depicting tea gatherings, including afternoon tea, tea dances and other art with tea themes. Similarly, there are a number of dealers, particularly on the Internet, who will offer tea advertising works, most of which will be the antique advertising plaques that used to be seen on the walls of grocery stores, or the mirrors with the brand advert etched into them. Any of these artefacts would make an ideal Christmas gift for the tea lover

Tea journey's

Another variation of a gift for the tea lover is to book them on a dedicated Tea Tour.' For example, Exclusive journeys of Wilimatic, CT are offering numerous Tea Tours England, Ireland and Scotland and throughout Europe, during which the tea lover can mix with like-minded people and enjoy a number of afternoon teas in places of historic interest and beauty.

Alternatively, a trip can be arranged independently. For example, a visit to Mariage Freres Tea Shop in Paris will give the opportunity to sample tea from one of the finest collections anywhere in Europe.

Further afield, places like India and China are now beginning to offer plantation tours where the tea lover can learn all about the process of growing and producing the leaves that make their morning cuppa' such a unique pleasure.

A final note

If tea is the favourite beverage of someone close to you then, with a little thought and research you should be able to come up with a tea related gift that will be extra special to them this Christmas