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Friday, February 26, 2016


With Christmas and New Years, some of you might be receiving clothing as gifts or splurging on a new wardrobe in order to fully embrace your personal style. Who wouldn’t want to start the new year in style? Not to be a buzz kill, but storing those clothes improperly can end up in stretched, worn fabrics – AKA damaged goods and costly replacements that aren’t exactly the most minimalistway to begin a year. Luckily just a few clever tricks can save the day (and your wallet), and you’ll wonder how you went so long without doing it this way.
The PROPER way to store clothes

The Proper Way to Store Your Clothes

Sweaters – There’s actually no right answer to the age old hang vs. fold debate, but if you hang, you run the risk of stretching the sweater or creasing the shoulders. You can avoid this by folding the sweater carefully into a rectangle with the front of the sweater facing out and the arms folded down the back (just like at the mall). Similarly, you can half-fold your sweater before hanging in order to use plastic or wooden hangers – but if there’s room in the dresser, might as well start there!
Blouses – Storing blouses in a drawer can lead to unwanted wrinkles, not to mention a frustrating time spent re-folding each time you pick one out of the stack. But who wants to keep plucking them off the floor after they slip off hangers, either? It might be tempting to solve the slipping-shirt dilemma by investing in some fabric covered hangers. Beware, those can cause those annoying little bumps in the shoulders, which are near impossible to get out without another wash. Instead, try padded or foam shirt hangers to do the trick.
Tank Tops – If you’ve got limited dresser space, you can hang tanks and camis and there are plenty of hangers that allow you to layer them up. However, to fully eliminate the risk of the shirt or straps stretching, storing these in a drawer is best. Simply fold like you would a sweater (without the long sleeve step) and stack.
Denim – Denim is surprisingly easy to store, as long as you care for it properly beforehand (read care instructions, don’t over wash, if it’s raw denim then break it in etc.). Once washed and dried, all you do is fold it at the inseam, then fold in thirds from there, starting from the bottom until you meet the waist. As long as you aren’t packing them too tightly in your drawer, you won’t have unwanted creases. Denim can also be hung, but it’s best to clip it to pant hangers and let hang full-length, than fold in half and encourage an unsightly crease.
Dry Cleaned Clothes – A lot of delicate fabrics are best handed to the dry cleaner to get them looking fresh. Because they often use flimsy wire hangers, it’s best to take them off the hanger upon return and store safely to a closet before stretching or creasing occurs. 
Double Up – I’ve covered this in my last closet organization post, but it never hurts to make the best use of space when it comes to clothing. To make room for delicate sweaters in those drawers, you can hang more tops if you layer two pieces to hanger when possible. With a little organization and good quality hangers, your closet will fit twice as much without looking overstuffed.
Shoes – When it comes to shoes, storage is more about what saves the most space and looks the most attractive. I think we’ve all battled our share of shoe organization mishaps at some point or another! Try a shoe rack, a shoe hanger or even neat rows on your closet floor, but whatever you do – don’t just throw them in a pile! That’s just begging for squished, misshapen shoes with stains and scuffs galore.
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