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Saturday, November 14, 2015

10 Christmas gifts for him

We know men are hard to shop for, that's why we've rounded up these 10 top gifts - ranging from trendy headphones to handy tool kits that he'll surely love

PAUnwanted Christmas Gift
Get the guy in your life a cracking present this Christmas
Need some gift ideas for what to get the man in your life?
Whether you need a gift for your other half, or something for your son he'll actually appreciate - we've got it covered in our round up below.
Start your Christmas shopping early to avoid the stress and spend more time celebrating. Check out our inspired gifts that won't leave you skint.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for him

1. For Mr trendy: Icon Of Men's Style Book, £20

If he spends more time in front of the mirror than you do, he'll love this coffee table style book from Topman filled with iconic fashion pieces throughout recent history.
And it's a steal at just £20.

2. For the music lover: Beats by Dre New Tour V2 Headphones, 89.99

The sound quality is so good he WILL ignore you
Make your music-obsessed loved one happy with some premium headphones from Beats by Dre.
Save an extra £29 off these powerful in-ear pair from Curry's - ideal for those who want to wear them whilst in the gym.
Check our round up for more Beats by Dre headphones deals.
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3. For the TV addict: Amazon Fire TV Stick, £34.99

Amazon Fire TV stick
The Amazon Fire TV Stick will keep TV lovers happy
If the guy in your life rarely surfaces from in front of the TV then this Amazon Fire TV stick for £34.99 is the way to go.
Just plug it in and start streaming thousands of TV series and films from Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more, plus get access to games, music and apps.

4. For the dodgy driver: Garmin Nuvi sat nav, £109.99

Right that wrong turn with this half price Garmin nuvi sat nav
There'll be no more excuses for wrong turns on the road with this handy Garmin sat nav, now half price from Argos.
For £109.99 you'll get map coverage of the UK and 23 other European countries, blue tooth connection and speed camera alerts.

5. For the Star Wars fan: LEGO Star Wars B Wing 75050, £34.99

Star Wars: Big kids will love this
Whether he's a big kid at heart or still your little boy, Star Wars fans of any age will love this Lego set from Argos, now down to £34.99 from £49.98.

6. For the trainer freak: Adidas Originals Stan Smith trainers, £47

Get brownie points with these classic trainers
Trainer freaks will love these classic Adidas Original Stan Smith trainers, now on sale at Urban Outfitters for £47.
The old-school minimalist casual footwear has recently made a comeback after being sported by the likes of Pharrell and Kanye West.

7. For the petrol head: Triple Supercar Driving Blast, £59

Lamborghini Gallardo
If he dreams of driving a Lamborghini Gallardo, he'll love this gift

Does the guy in your life think he's the next Lewis Hamilton? Test his skills with and day out on the track.
On the Triple Supercar Driving Blast experience day, from Buyagift, he can take a spin in a deluxe Ferrari, impressive Audi R8 and luxurious Lamborghini at one of the three locations across the UK.
Just remember to let him know he can't take them home.

8. For the frequent flyer: Molton Brown's mini men's gift set, £25

A little bit of luxury in mini form
If he's on the road a lot make sure he has a few luxury comforts in the form ofMolton Brown's men's body wash and lotion set, for £25.
The handy travel bag comes filled with eight different scented items and will keep him feeling refreshed on those busy business trips.

9. For the bearded: Grooming Experience, £22.50

A close shave: Opt for a Tommy n Turkish for your bearded gentleman
If he's partial to growing a (dishevelled) beard, get him the Tommy ‘n’ Turkish grooming experience from Buyagift.
The treatment includes a classic Turkish hot towel shave and complimentary bottle of Turkish beer at one of the eight salons across the capital, and you'll also get a free Ted’s Grooming Room shave gel to take home.

10. For the DIY fan: Am-Tech 141 piece tool kit, £16.99

Let him get his hands dirty with a new DIY kit
Dad, hubby or boyfriend partial to a bit of DIY around the house?
Make sure he's fully prepared with this 141-piece Am-Tech tool kit from Amazon and save yourself 66% off the normal RRP.
The kit includes various pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and other tool box essentials that will keep the man in your life busy for hours.
Get more inspiration for Christmas gift ideas here

eBay redemption code november 2015 & 5 Christmas Gifts for Mom

5 Christmas Gifts for Mom that she will really love
When it comes to shopping for a Christmas Gift for Mom it is important for you to get something that she will REALLY enjoy. You want to show that you are thoughtful in your gift but also you want it to be something that is really useful too.  Kenmore has some appliances that Mom will love to open on Christmas morning.  Depending on your budget will determine which one of these gifts suits your needs.  We have gifts with a variety of price points to be sure to make mom Happy, Happy, Happy on Christmas morning!
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Don’t be afraid of purchasing an appliance for Christmas.  If it is something that Mom can use on a daily basis, will make her life easier and she has been wanting for a long time this is the year to be sure to get what Mom really wants for Christmas.  You can always add some additional items to personalize the gift too!  We have five suggestions that are sure to make Mom smile on Christmas morning!

5 Christmas Gifts for Mom

Kenmore Elite 4-Slice Auto-Lift Long Slot Toaster
Kenmore Elite 4-Slice Auto-Lift Long Slot Toaster – This is a gift that Mom will enjoy using every single morning.  With a fully stainless steel housing, chrome accents, LED displays and matching elements across products, the Kenmore Elite 4 Slice Toaster looks just as good on a counter top as the food does on your plate which retails for $79.99.  It features two extra wide and long slots that can accommodate two artisan or four standard slices of bread.  It also has a front slot only option to save power when only using part of the toaster.  If Mom enjoys toast for breakfast or bagels and cream cheese this is sure to make her life easier.  This toaster is perfect for store bought or homemade bread.  If I was giving it as a gift I would be sure to include  a variety of fresh loaves of bread, bagels and a basket of preserves and jams too!
Kenmore Elite Digital Countertop Convection Oven
Kenmore Elite Digital Countertop Convection Oven –  If Mom is dreaming of a convection oven this is an affordable option! The new Kenmore Elite line of small kitchen appliances features a sleek new design and a compelling list of upgrades. With fully stainless steel housings, chrome accents, LED displays and matching elements across products, the line will look just as good on a counter top as the food does on your plate.  The large interior and adjustable racks to fit 6 slices of toast or a 12” pizza.  Convection feature circulates heated air for more even results.  You can use convection, bake, broil, toast and use the keep-warm functions which is perfect for a Sports Mom or when Dad has to work late.  Accessories include: wire rack, aluminum bake pan, broil insert, crumb tray, 12” pizza stone.  This product retails for $149.99. Be sue to include a stockpile of frozen pizza’s for Mom to use with this gift!  She will thank you when it comes to making her menu plan.

Kenmore Elite 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker
Kenmore Elite 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker – If Mom loves coffee this is the perfect gift.  I am in love with the glass carafe!  This maker provides a delicious mix of taste and design with a 12-cup glass carafe for smooth, full-bodied coffee.  It features a removable water tank with LED light for easy filling and brew strength adjustment creates regular and bold brews to suit every taste.  I love the time since brew countdown display that lets you know when the last pot was brewed so you can make a fresh cup when you need it. It also features a programmable timer that allows you to have your coffee waiting for you without hitting a button.  Unlike many coffee makers it has a charcoal filter for fresh tasting coffee and accepts #4 Standard paper basket filters.  This maker retails for $89.99.  I would suggest pairing it with a variety of bags of flavored coffee and this DIY coffee mug.
Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender with Single Serve Cup
Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender with Single Serve Cup – This is a GREAT gift for Mom.  If you are looking to incorporate smoothies into your diet this is the perfect solution.  The Kenmore Elite® 5 Speed Blender holds up to 64 oz. is ready for any blending job. The BPA-free single serve cup is perfect for when you’re on the go. This is perfect for Mom because she can prepare her breakfast and go.  It features 1000 Watts plus 1.3HP provide a consistent and creamy blend every time.  The retail price is $139.99 and a great addition to this gift would be to purchase this Smoothie Recipe Book for only $9.99 too!
Kenmore Elite 6 Qt. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer
Kenmore Elite 6 Qt. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer – The perfect gift for any cook or baker.  I am in LOVE with this stand mixer.  It is the perfect way to turn complicated multi-step recipes into simple, fun cooking experiences.  The Kenmore Elite® 6 qt. 600 Watts Bowl Lift Stand Mixer delivers power, versatility and precision that ensures everything from sugar to flour and butter is blended to perfection.   The Smooth Bowl-Lift Action makes it easy to get the bowl in/out of the mixer and add ingredients for mixing.  Mom will FLIP when she opens this gift!  It features 10 Speeds and 600 watts to effortlessly froth, knead, mix, whip and whisk any recipe simply and quickly from cookie batter to vegetable dip for an even, smooth batch every time. Illumalight® LED offers bright viewing for better preparation (which you can see pictured below).  The attachment hub works with additional accessories like wire whip, flat beater and dough hook.
It has a Count-Down Timer that ensures accurate preparation timing and includes a Stainless Steel 6 qt. Bowl that holds generous amounts of ingredients and is dishwasher safe. Best of all I am in love with the look!  The Kenmore Elite Design offers sleek and modern styling fit for any kitchen décor.  You can leave this on your counter with no reason to hide!  Extras include detachable pouring shield and 5-quart mixing bowl.  The retail price $349.99 and it is worth every penny!  It is the Ultimate Christmas Gift For Mom!

Christmas gifts for the coffee lover

Who likes coffee

There is no doubt that within your circle of family and friends this Christmas there will be a number who can be classified as coffee lovers. Thus, at this time of year it is necessary to don your thinking caps and try to come up with a suitable gift for these people. To help you on your way with this mission, the following groups contain ideas that might appeal to the coffee-lovers on your list.

Books about coffee

Maybe it is time for the coffee lover to learn more about the coffee they drink and its many unique and diverse uses. In this case, perhaps a little coffee time reading would be of interest. There are a number of books on the subject, from the serious and informative, to the light and easy.

Take for example The World Encyclopaedia of Coffee' Mary Banks, Christine McFadden and Christine Atkinson. Separated into two sections, this publication contains a wealth of information covering the history of coffee and other references in the first half. The second section is devoted to recipes that help to reveal the many drinks and foods that are coffee based. Second in this list of reading work is the connoisseurs Guide to Coffee' by Jon Thorn and Michael Segal, an inspiration work that takes the coffee lover on a journey to savour all of the world's premier coffee types. Additionally, this book takes one through the preparation process so that every cup made will be a work of art and as perfect as any served up in any restaurant.

A real coffee time book is The little book of Coffee tips' by Andrew Langley. With handy explanations of how to detect different coffee beans and other interesting articles, it makes an ideal addition to any coffee fanatics library, and is the sort of book you can peruse for a few minutes at a time.

Coffee liquors and chocolates

Naturally, any coffee lover will be excited to receive the real thing,' namely coffee beans. This gift can be made distinctive by including a range of different flavours for the coffee lover to experiment with their taste buds. You can also add extra delight to a gift by including one of the many coffee liquors or flavoured chocolates as well.

A coffee hamper would also make an unusual gift. In this present could be included a number of different coffee products, which might include varieties of coffee beans, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, deserts and other coffee based items.

The art of coffee

I wonder how many are aware of the art within the coffee bean. Not many I would guess. In fact, there is a company in the US that sells nothing but coffee art. This organisation, which can be found at, uses coffee product to create all of the paintings and drawings on offer, producing the ultimate coffee lover’s gift.

Another artistic form of coffee gift is for jewellery. Why not purchase a bracelet, necklace or cufflinks incorporating original coffee beans as part of the design or inlays. This gift would be a real jewel in the coffee makers crown.

Other coffee gift ideas

If you search the high street, shopping malls and Internet, you will find a plethora of retailers offering coffee gifts, which range from mugs to percolators and coffee pots, many in unique and unusual designs. In addition, there are complete two-place china coffee sets and thermos that will suit every taste.

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However, even in this gift sector you may come across the unusual. For example, have you ever thought of purchasing a coffee backpack set? They are available and would make a fascinating gift for anyone, especially those who enjoy hiking and walking, or just want to have a supply of hot coffee to take to work with them.

Fulfil the coffee lovers dream

The number and extent of gifts available for the coffee lover is limited only by the givers imagination. With a little planning and thought, an original and unique coffee gift is not beyond the means or pocket of anyone.