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Fathers day gift guide + Latest Coupon code on Father's day 2015

David Pass reviews 9 cool gifts for all the dads in your life.
This is my first Father’s Day. Do I deserve a gift? Sure, why not.  I’ve learned it’s not always easy being a dad, and who doesn’t want to get recognized for their efforts? I would truly appreciate some non-material things such as going on a hike with the family, the opportunity to sleep in or a family dinner as much as any material gift. An object that somebody uses all the time has the unique effect that it reminds the user of the giver and the occasion every time they use it and heck, I love stuff! So here is my Father’s Day gift guide for 2015:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 — $749

If Dad has been truly amazing, this is the most expensive item on my list, but it will pay dividends for the whole family for a lifetime. This Panasonic camera with a Leica lens takes great photos and also shoots 4k video. This camera is loaded with features and can really zoom in on any action. It even has face recognition which is very cool for dads.  It can remember your kid, and if your kid is in a group of other people (such as a school play), it will automatically focus on your kid.
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000 with Leica zoom lens
Apple is the largest company in the world for a reason; people love their stuff. Since dads are people, too, here are three Apple items:
Apple Watch — starting at $349
The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch
I don’t own one, I’m not sure of everything it can do, but I want one. Starting at $349 and going up to a gazillion dollars, this is the hottest new item from Apple.

Apple Watch

 I don’t own one, I’m not sure of everything it can do, but I want one. Starting at $349 and going up to a gazillion dollars, this is the hottest new item from Apple.

Apple TV — $69

I never thought I needed Apple TV, and you might feel the same way. Once you have it though, you’ll love it.  It allows you to stream anything from your computer to your TV, including Netflix, Hulu and the like. I would choose Apple TV over devices like the cheaper ChromeCast for the sole reason Apple TV comes with a remote control. If you’re a PC person, I would check out the Amazon Firestick.

SafeSleeve iPhone Case — $45-$50

The SafeSleeve Case
I love my iPhone, but iPhones give off more radiation than most other cell phones on the market. Protect your dad and your kids (for when they borrow dad’s phone) with SafeSleeve. These cases are very well made and stylish while blocking more than half the radiation emitting from a phone. I have the iPhone 6 plus case, and I can leave the house without a wallet by sticking a few credit cards and my driver’s license in the case. The case also acts as a stand for the phone.
Safe Sleeve Case

Ecco Shoes — $119

Ecco Golf Shoe
Ecco Golf Shoe
I remember watching a golf tournament and saw Freddy Couples wearing golf shoes that looked more like slippers. At the time, golf shoes were not super comfortable, and I became very interested in what he was wearing.  They were made by Ecco, and now they are the only golf shoe I wear.  I found them so comfortable that I also wear Ecco shoes for just walking around. They make a wide variety of shoes, not just for golf. The golf shoes are made of Yak leather, and maybe that’s their secret. I hope the Yak leather is just a byproduct of the Yak meat industry.
Ecco Golf Shoe
The next gifts on my list are inspired by my love of reality TV shows. If your dad watches some of the shows I do, he’ll enjoy the following:

Primitive Fire Starting Kit — $39.99

If you’re a fan of shows like Naked and Afraid, Bear Grylls, Survivor Man, or Dual Survivor (to name a few), you probably want to know that you could make fire and survive in any situation. If you live in a city, you probably can’t find two sticks to rub together. If you can find two sticks to rub together, they might not be quite right. This kit gives you everything you need to practice making fire like caveman dads used to do it.
Primitive Fire Starter Kit

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket — $123.95

If you’re a fan of Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, or Ice Cold Gold (to name a few), you probably have gold fever. As wise old miners say, “Gold is where you find it.” In truth, gold is all over the place in small amounts and with this kit, your family can go out looking for it. It seems a little pricy for what you get, but it will probably pay for itself immediately. I originally saw this product featured on Shark Tank.
Gold Rush Nugget Bucket
A neck tie might not be an appropriate gift for many dads anymore, but there is still room for more traditional gifts. Here are a couple of classic ideas:

Big Skinny Wallet — $24.95

I like to have everything as compact as possible. When I’m not using my cell phone case to double as my wallet, I carry a Big Skinny. Some other thin wallets make you fold your money in strange ways or have other gimmicks. This wallet is like every other wallet, but a lot thinner! It has excellent quality and durability.
Big Skinny Wallet

Cole Haan Truman Duffle — $498

This is the perfect bag for long weekends and short business trips. I’ve even taken it to Europe for extended stays and just washed my clothes a few times on the trip. The price tag is a little hefty, but there is no reason at all that this bag shouldn’t last a lifetime. Mine has picked up some stains along the way, but any wear it has just makes it look loved. It’s hard to look cooler checking into a hotel than with this bag.
Cole Haan Truman Duffle

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That’s my list. Please post your own ideas in the comments section below.

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7 Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself & Redemption code for ebay

Are you working on a limited budget this Father’s Day season? If so, making your own gifts may be the solution. Making Father’s Day gifts doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or even cheesy, you just need a great idea or two.

Giving the perfect Father's Day Gift doesn't have to be a budget busting experience! Check out these 7 Father's Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself for some great ideas!

Take a look below at 7 Father’s Day gifts you can make yourself, and see if one of them doesn’t fit the bill for the father on your list. All of them are fairly simple to do, and each can be crafted for just a few dollars.

Personalized Drink Koozie – Buy a foam drink koozie for just $1 at Walmart or most craft/retail stores. You can then use colorful Sharpies to write a name, a quote, or even fun designs on the koozie. This is a great craft for kids and Dad is sure to love that it will keep his favorite beverage cold.

Upcycled Tie – Find a solid color tie at a local thrift store. Chances are you can score one for a buck or so. Let children use fabric paint to decorate the tie as your children see fit. They will no doubt come up with a colorful creation that Dad is sure to love.

Remote Control Station – Find a simple, square storage basket. Fill it with dried snacks such as nuts, chocolate, and chips. Add a piece of Velcro to the side, and another piece to the remote control. Attach the remote to the basket, and Dad will always know where to find it along with some great snacks.

Don’t break the bank on Father’s Day! Save with these 7 DIY Father’s Day Gifts!


Movie and Munchie Basket – Find a simple basket and fill it with dollar store candy and snacks. Add some inexpensive DVDs or a movie theatre gift card. You can even include “coupons” offering to treat Dad to a Redbox flick if you would like.

Personalized Cell Phone Case – Find a solid colored cell phone case at your local dollar or retail store. Let kids use Sharpies to create their own message to Dad on the case. Dad will love seeing their artwork and creativity each time he takes his phone out.

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Personalized Drinking Glass – Find a fun, oven safe drinking glass or mug at your local dollar store. Use Sharpie markers to write a message to Dad on the glass or draw a picture. You can then bake the glass at 275 for about 20 minutes to set the design.

See how easy it can be to craft your own Father’s Day gifts? Give these tips a try and see what you can create!

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3 clever Father's Day gifts under $50 + Latest Ebay redemption code 2015

1. A Roku puts all his favorite shows in one place

Price: $49.99

Dad will love having all his favorite shows in one place with a Roku. The device offers hundreds of free channels, allows users to stream services like Netflix and Hulu through their TV, and connects to Google Play and Amazon instant video, making it easy to rent any title.  

2. Protect his tablet with a unique case

Bicycle Gift Hub
Price: $32 

Let him show off his love of cycling everywhere he goes with this iPad case made from recycled bicycle tires. It's durable, water-resistant, and padded for extra protection. 

3. Up his game with a golf score card organizer

Price: $30 

When he's out on the course, dad should be concentrating on his swing, not where his score card is. From tees to ball markers, this organizer holds everything he needs to make every round run smoothly.

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