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Ah, trends. I’m a big believer in doing what makes you happy, even if it’s not trendy or cool. But if a trend pops up that seems worth a try, I always give it a go! You never know what you’ll fall in love with, especially with fashion. This spring I’ve been seeing a few looks that could take your outfit up a notch, so naturally I’m sharing them with you:

Spring Fashion Trends to Get Behind This Year

Silver Foil Tunic, Lux T-Shirt, Platform Sandals, Fisherman Platform Sandals, Floral Mesh Dress, Rose Trim Hat, Flora Mesh Tee, Lace Top

Muted Metallics
Metallics aren’t just for the holidays, guys. Prisms have been a fun accessory trend to try this season, and I’m loving how they’re mixed with other metallic elements like gold and silver as statement pieces and accents. If you don’t consider yourself a big risk taker in regards to fashion, consider this a no fail first step. Muted metallics aren’t super bold, but they accent an otherwise (potentially) boring outfit.

Platform Sandals
This throwback comes around every now and then (did anyone else have platform flip-flops in the early 2000s?!) and this spring it’s being paired with candy-colored sandals, spring wedges and even your basic sneaker. Stay tuned for my skirt and shoe guide later this week to see my favorite ways to rock a platform shoe.

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Marsala + Pastels
After the Pantone color of the year is announced, it’s always interesting to see how fashion pros choose to incorporate it into their wardrobe. Since it’s spring and pastels are always in this time of year, marsala and pastels are a must-try combo. Marsala looks great with a dusty pastel pink like the floppy hat above, or try minty green or powder blue instead.

Floral Applique
Yes, floral is another ‘always in’ trend. But the runways at fashion week showed flowers gone 3-d with bold appliques on dresses, sweaters and more. It sounds a bit granny, but try it with a tousled hairstyle and a sleek accessory for balance, and this is actually very chic.

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How we treat our skin throughout the day can make a big difference in the clarity and cleanliness of our face, but it’s our morning and nighttime routines that matter most. In the morning, we’re refreshing and prepping our skin for the day ahead–helping give it that natural glow whether we wear makeup or not.

It can take some time and product testing to find what skin care ingredients work best, but once you’ve found the proper combination, you’re well on your way to great skin. I like to use products that are heavy on natural ingredients and/or work as a preventative for unforeseen skin concerns ahead. Here’s a look at my morning routine that you can use as a guide for what to include in yours.

Morning and Nighttime skin care routine

1. Wipe away impurities - It is essential to wash your face at night to clear product away, but in the morning fully washing your face isn’t always necessary. That said, wiping it clean with removal pads or a cleansing treatment like Perricone MD Blue Plasma will whisk away any built up oils and leave you feeling awake, and your skin ready for absorption. You can buy this items at

2. Apply a Facial Mist - To give my skin extra hydration and radiance, I spritz May Coop Morning Dew Acer Maple Water on before any serums or lotions. Facial mists have many benefits.  They’re an excellent pre-makeup moisturize blast, they can be used to soothe skin and set makeup once your entire application is complete. It’s the natural wonders within that make this Korean product a must.

3. Apply a Serum - If you’re following the proper order of skin care application then you know that next up is a serum. I like to use a few pumps of Ayer-Medic 24 Hour Moisturizing Serum because it packs a big punch of moisture thanks to argan oil and other essentials within. Plus, the product lifts and repairs to keep aging skin looking tight and youthful.

4. Moisturize - A traditional face cream works just fine, but I like finishing my routine with a high concentrate of hyaluronic acid like Phyto-C Icy Blue droplets. Add 3 or 4 drops to your hands, rub them together and then apply all over your face. Hyaluronic acid locks in water, increases elasticity, and its anti-inflammatory properties calm the skin, giving your skin an even tone.

Since we use the nighttime to rejuvenate, there can often be more products in our bedtime routine. The primary concern is getting your face clean, then it’s hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with masks, serums and the other steps from my evening skin care routine in the video below.

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